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for TEFL Internships Spain

Who can apply?

Interested in completing a comprehensive TEFL Certification programme this year or next year? Apply now for one of our TEFL Internships Spain. You can apply, as an EU passport holder and a native or near native speaker of English. (If you are a non EU passport holder, please enquire as you will need to sign up for an intensive Spanish course too, in order to obtain a student visa for Spain):

  • as a university student: during your gap year or Erasmus, you can even receive funding through your university and Erasmus+. Generally the length of the TEFL Internship is dictated by your degree and the university. We are flexible! (Minimum 1 month. Maximum 9 months: ask your Erasmus Coordinator).
  • as a non studentplease click here as requirements and terms & conditions differ.

We have numerous TEFL Internship start dates throughout the year. So please contact us for more details: contact@teflinternshipspain.com

What can you achieve with our TEFL Certification Internships?

  • Accredited TEFL Certification with our 2- to 9-month TEFL Internships. (Variable lengths of TEFL internships depending on the University requirements).
  • Extensive subject knowledge: General and Academic English Teaching, classroom management and methodology.
  • TEFL Classroom experience (1-to-1 in Valencia and Madrid and in other locations reduced groups): with your 30 hours per week of teaching and between 1 and 10 hours of studying.

So what is the difference between TEFL Internships for students and for non students?

  • There is a reduced admin fee for Erasmus+ students (discounted to £25 > ask for your discount code once accepted on the programme). Please note that you have to be an Erasmus student when on the internship, with a university agreement. There is a higher fee for non Erasmus students and Graduates.
  • The length of the teaching internship varies. It is generally between 2 and 9 months long for Erasmus students. To be discussed during the interview stage.

TEFL Internships Spain: MADRID

Why choose Madrid?

According to recent consulting reports, the cost of living in Madrid is still generally lower than that of most major European cities. This is a key factor in the lifestyle and quality of life standards for the student community. Madrid is a very densely populated city and parking is a problem. However, the public transportation system is excellent. Buses, metro, as well as relatively inexpensive taxis make it easy to get around. There are several underground and metropolitan lines, each identified by a number and colour.


You will be teaching in one of these 2 centrally located neighbourhoods of Madrid:

  • Salamanca (metro: Diego de León or Avenida de America)
  • Pacífico (metro: Pacifico or Puente de Vallecas)

Internships Spain: BARCELONA

Why choose Barcelona? 

In Barcelona, public transport is excellent; metro, buses and comparatively reasonably priced taxis make it easy to get around. There are underground lines and metropolitan lines, easy to identify. The cost of living in Barcelona is still generally quite low for a big city. This is a key factor in your day to day. Indeed, in recent years the city has become a magnet for students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Do keep in mind that prices in Barcelona vary substantially from one district to the next. In any case, we strongly advise that you plan your budget wisely and book your accommodation in advance.


The host schools are in the following neighbourhoods of Barcelona:

  • Eixample (Metro: Paseo de Gracia)
  • Sant Antoni (Metro: Universitat)
  • La Sagrera (Metro: La Sagrera)
  • La Sagrada Familia (Metro: Sagrada Familia)

TEFL Internships Spain: VALENCIA

Why choose Valencia?

Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, experiences a hot-summer Mediterranean climate with Semi-arid climate influences. Also Valencia’s old town, el barrio del Carmen, is one of the most popular areas of the city. It is where much of Valencia’s nightlife takes place, along with the trendy area of Ruzafa. It is also where a wealth of interesting history and architecture can be found. In addition running through the heart of Valencia is the dried out riverbed of the River Turia. Besides, this space stretches for 9 km and offers a wealth of green tranquility at the heart of the city. Many of Valencia’s most popular attractions are also in the riverbed, for instance this is where the famous City of Art and Sciences  is – a cultural centre spanning 2km and 5 large buildings. It also includes Valencia’s science museum and Valencia’s aquarium.


We have partner language schools in these central areas of Valencia:

  • El Pla del Real (student area near Metro Facultats)


Why choose Castellón la Plana? 

Castellón la Plana is very similar to Valencia, with its quaint city centre and large modern student area. The transport is also excellent; tram, buses, and bikes make it easy to get around. The cost of living in Castellón is the lowest out of the destinations we offer. This is a key factor in your budgeting. In Castellón our partner language schools organise and pay for your accommodation directly (rent, utility bills, and wi-fi included) making your arrival and stay even easier. A quick tramway or bike ride to Castellón’s beach via the Avenida del Mar, a 10-minute bus ride to Benicassim, a stroll along Calle Colón, or a tapas tour by the Mercado Central could be part of your day to day.


The host schools are in the following neighbourhoods of Castellón la Plana:

  • Castellón de la Plana: centro

TEFL Internships Spain: VALLADOLID

Why choose Valladolid? 

Valladolid is the old capital of Spain and is famous for the purity of the Spanish spoken there – just like Salamanca. It is also considered a cultural centre with its Plaza Mayor, numerous art collections, as well as varied architecture including religious buildings and its university. Its proximity to Madrid and Salamanca also contribute to its appeal, as well as its mountainous gastronomy. Indeed, due to its geography and its altitude (2300 feet above sea level), its climate also means moderately cold winters and hot summers – considered slightly continental.


The host schools are in the following neighbourhoods of Valladolid:

  • Valladolid: centro

In order to apply for a TEFL internship in Spain, please:

  • send us your updated CV and a brief CL (make sure your phone number is also updated and contains the country code),
  • specify your preferred destination(s) and potential starting date(s) to contact@teflinternshipspain.com


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TEFL is a great introduction to teaching and allows you to meet new people every day. I’m sure it will help me in my teaching career. April 2018

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Tonie T. Madrid

The course consists of valuable information, so efficient for those who consider teaching English. As a non-native speaker now I feel more confident and well-prepared to conduct English lessons.  April 2018

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Natalia W. Madrid

I completed my TEFL training in January and I absolutely loved it. I would 100% recommend the training programme, definitely worthwhile.  April 2018

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Zoe DP, Valencia

This was a really interesting course to do, and was a perfect placement for my year abroad. The interview process was very organised and streamlined and my placement was confirmed in good speed. January 2016

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Llewelyn M, Barcelona

I have definitely improved my English teaching skills. I had a great time. The online course was very extensive. I would definitely recommend it! January 2017

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Laurynas S., Valencia

It is one of few programmes that give you direct experience teaching before your qualification is even complete, allowing you to learn theory and apply it whilst on the job. December 2016

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Wilhelmina A, Madrid