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TEFL Trainer Madrid crash course



If you are serious about becoming TEFL qualified, and already have some experience with Teaching English as a Foreign Language, sign up now for our effective 1-week TEFL Certification Crash Course, in central Madrid. We have various start dates throughout the year depending on the availabilities in the partner schools. This option is ideal for graduates wishing to start a career in TEFL. All degrees and ages are welcome!

NEXT COURSE DATES (Monday to Friday) – Limited availabilities:

  • July 23rd to July 27th 2018 – DATES CLOSED
  • July 30th to August 3rd 2018 – sign up here
  • August 6th to August 10th 2018 – DATES CLOSED

This package includes:

  1. 1-week teaching programme comprising some supervised teaching practice with real students of ESL and some first-hand teaching practice (1to1 classes with adult learners of A1 to C1/C2 levels). This is to ensure that you have complete understanding of the tenets of TEFL in practice. Furthermore, teaching practice is a must if you want our certificate to have its full weight across the globe.
  2. Classes are every morning from 10:00 until 14:00 Monday to Friday. Optional Class Observations afternoons from 17:20 until 19:20. Saturday is exam day: 10:00-14:00!
  3. 6 x 15-minute Skype sessions with a TEFL Trainer mentor, to complete within 9 months from starting the course.
  4. 6 online exams to complete, as part of the summative and final evaluation of our Online TEFL Course, within 9 months from starting the course.
  5. 6 lesson plans to submit to TEFL Trainer within 9 months from starting the course.
  6. 6 reflective diaries to submit to TEFL Trainer within 9 months from starting the course.
  7. A hard copy of your Certificate upon completion of the 1-week programme and reception of the 6 reflective diaries, 6 lesson plans, and completion of the 6 final exams. All learning blocks must be completed within 9 months from signing up, to receive the Certificate. We will also send you an email with the breakdown of your grade.

Ideally, before doing the crash course in Spain, you should have completed the online part of the course in its entirety.


A/ COURSE AIM: Why do this TEFL course?

The overall aim of TEFL Trainer’s accredited TEFL Course is to:

  • make you very knowledgeable in all course types and levels,
  • ensure that you have a high level of language awareness (phonetics and grammar: getting up to speed with these language systems is key), and
  • make sure that you know how to deliver a structured, enjoyable, and effective class.

This sound introduction to the world of teaching is paramount for a successful career in TEFL.

B/ ELIGIBILITY: Who can do this TEFL course?

Apply today by sending us your CV whilst specifying your preferred start date(s) and location(s)!

You are recommended to apply if you meet the following criteria:

  • This course is for graduates or non students, no limit of age. All degrees welcome!
  • Some experience in teaching is valued but not required.
  • Fluent English (native or C1/C2 non-native levels are welcome).
  • Determination and willingness to learn are key.
  • You need to hold an EU or British passport to partake in this programme.
  • You need to pass a phone interview with one of TEFL Trainer’s mentors and be accepted on the programme. We also recommend a phone call to run through the Student Handbook you receive upon signing up. We are always available by email to provide further support and guidance.
  • Limited places throughout the year.
  • Please make sure to arrive in Madrid a day before the course starts!

Currently at university and planning your Year Abroad? If so, Erasmus students please click here as requirements differ.

C/ COURSE SYLLABUS: What will you learn?

TEFL Trainer’s accredited TEFL Courses all contain various learning blocks:

BLOCK 1online (140 hours of videos, text, and interactive exercises):
A/ Basics of Teaching: an introduction to TEFL.
B/ Phonetics: a comprehensive unit to understand the IPA and start using it to teach phonology and pronunciation.
C/ Grammar: a thorough review of word classes, functions, and more.
D/ TEFL language and levels units, to start planning your lessons.
E/ TEFL Practice units.
F/ Classroom Management theory.
G/ Methodology units.
H/ TEFL Job Interview Preparation units, and
I/ 6 final exams (on Chapters A, B, C, D, E, and F).

BLOCK 2assignments (6 reflective diaries)

  • 6 reflective diaries
  • 400 words each
  • 100 subjects to choose from
  • a first draft can be submitted to receive feedback
  • grading grid and guidelines provided (Student Handbook)

BLOCKS 3 + 4assignments (6 lesson plans) + mini teaching programme (1 week)

  • 6 lesson plans with hand-outs / annexes
  • 50 subjects to choose from
  • a first draft can be submitted to receive feedback
  • grading grid and guidelines provided (Student Handbook)


  • mini teaching programme in Madrid. Conditions apply.
  • onsite training provided


Your certificate is obtained and graded as follows:

  1. Online course: 30% of final grade
  2. Reflective Diaries: 30% of final grade
  3. Lesson Plans 20% of final grade + Teaching Programme: 20% of final grade.

You must obtain a minimum of 60% in each of the 4 learning blocks.


First of all, the Online part of our TEFL Course comprises a complete Grammar Course, Phonetics Course, Methodology Units, Language and Levels Units, as well as Classroom Management Units. The online TEFL course focuses on the most essential TEFL skills and is considered a complete and advanced course.

In short, our professional video tutorials, explaining TEFL essentials point by point, using plain English and lingo, enable you to gradually acquire the “metalanguage” (lingo of Grammar) and other jargon, as well as good subject knowledge. The videos are supplemented by interactive exercises and text you can read online.

The ideal way to complete the course would be:

  • 1 Skype session to run through the Student Handbook and receive general guidance for the course.
  • Complete the online course at your own pace (122 mini chapters with quizzes and 6 final exams when you are ready) – generally completed over a 1 to 6-month period > any support or extra guidance would be provided by email.
  • 1 Skype session to discuss lesson planning and choose your 6 topics.
  • Complete your 6 lesson plans, submit a first draft for more pointers.
  • 1 Skype session to discuss your lesson plans, then submit the final draft.
  • 1 Skype session to discuss the crash course and the day to day of teaching.
  • Complete the 1-week crash course in Madrid, whilst drafting your 6 reflective diaries.
  • 1 Skype session to go over your teaching experience in Madrid, and discuss your reflective diaries.
  • Submit the final draft of your 6 reflective diaries.
  • 1 Skype session to run through all your grades and run through your CV whilst discussing how to apply for a job in TEFL.



Last but not least, we are a fully accredited and recognised TEFL certification provider: more information here.


If you are doing the 1-week immersion in Madrid, you will also need to cover the costs of:

  • your flights (from €80 return)
  • your accommodation (from €60/night) * – we are here to provide guidance so as to make sure you choose a nice neighbourhood and a reasonable commute!
  • leisure – we also offer cultural, food, and fun events (packages are organised with our partner tour operator in Madrid)
  • food
  • insurance – travel / health – optional yet recommended
  • any other expenses

If you are unable to attend the 1-week in Madrid, you may submit your 6 lesson plans and 6 reflective diaries, and complete your 6 online exams, to obtain your TEFL certificate.


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TEFL is a great introduction to teaching and allows you to meet new people every day. I’m sure it will help me in my teaching career. April 2018

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Tonie T. Madrid

The course consists of valuable information, so efficient for those who consider teaching English. As a non-native speaker now I feel more confident and well-prepared to conduct English lessons.  April 2018

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Natalia W. Madrid

I completed my TEFL training in January and I absolutely loved it. I would 100% recommend the training programme, definitely worthwhile.  April 2018

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Zoe DP, Valencia

This was a really interesting course to do, and was a perfect placement for my year abroad. The interview process was very organised and streamlined and my placement was confirmed in good speed. January 2016

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Llewelyn M, Barcelona

I have definitely improved my English teaching skills. I had a great time. The online course was very extensive. I would definitely recommend it! January 2017

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Laurynas S., Valencia

It is one of few programmes that give you direct experience teaching before your qualification is even complete, allowing you to learn theory and apply it whilst on the job. December 2016

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