Affiliate network

Affiliate Network

TEFL Trainer has several accredited TEFL courses you can sell (internships are not included in our affiliate marketing programme):

  1. the 140-hour certification course,
  2. the 20-hour specialist add-on course, and
  3. the 1-week blended certification course.

Become an affiliate marketer

If you feel that our courses have value and you are interested in promoting them and earning an income from it, please get in touch to become an affiliate marketer! Anybody can become a publisher in our affiliate marketing programme.

You can become part of TEFL Trainer’s affiliate network, promote our courses, and earn a commission if people actually end up signing up thanks to your marketing.

You will gain a piece of the profit for each sale that you are responsible for. We will provide you with logos, images, promo codes, and text. But it is entirely up to you to promote and use your creativity as an affiliate marketer to develop your own strategies and approaches. You are effectively the publisher of your own ads with one goal: to attract and convince potential customers of the value of TEFL Trainer’s courses.

This can be achieved by:

  • posting reviews with a link back to your blog/email, containing your promo code
  • posting longer articles or posts with a link back to your Linkedin profile, or containing your promo code and email address
  • sharing your experience with TEFL Trainer courses through social media

Earn a commission for each sale

We have an affiliates tracking system, but we also work with promo codes used by each paying customer – we are able to track each sale both ways.

  1. When a user comes to our site via an affiliate link, a cookie will be set in the user’s web browser. The cookie stays around for 60 days. This would give credit to the affiliate if a user arrived at your site via an affiliate link, closed their browser, but came back later to your site by typing in the URL (rather than visiting through an affiliate link) and purchased something (within the specified number of days). In the affiliate industry a 15-30 day cookie duration is pretty standard.
  2. A promo code can only be created once, so at the end of each month we send you a screenshot of the promo code and the purchases made through it.

You then invoice us your commission of 30%. The financial incentives are explained below:

Commissions when using the PROMO CODES

COURSE initial course price discount with your PROMO Code – used by the student taking the course Price paid by customer/student Commission for the affiliate marketer (30% of original price)
1-week crash course £499 30% £349 £104,70
140-hour online course £199 30% ✓ £139 £41,70
20-hour online course £79 30% ✓ £23,70 £7,11

Commissions when using the AFFILIATE LINKS

COURSE initial course price discount going through your AFFILIATE link – used by the student taking the course Price paid by customer/student Commission for the affiliate marketer (30% of original price)
1-week crash course  £499 0% £499 £149,70
140-hour online course  £199 0% ✓ £199 £59,70
20-hour online course  £79 0% ✓ £79 £23,70


All the terms and conditions can be found here.

Register to become an affiliate marketer here.

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Once registered EMAIL US for your own PROMO CODE and marketing materials: 

  Add me to Skype - TEFL Trainer

TEFL is a great introduction to teaching and allows you to meet new people every day. I’m sure it will help me in my teaching career. April 2018

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Tonie T. Madrid

The course consists of valuable information, so efficient for those who consider teaching English. As a non-native speaker now I feel more confident and well-prepared to conduct English lessons.  April 2018

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Natalia W. Madrid

I completed my TEFL training in January and I absolutely loved it. I would 100% recommend the training programme, definitely worthwhile.  April 2018

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Zoe DP, Valencia

This was a really interesting course to do, and was a perfect placement for my year abroad. The interview process was very organised and streamlined and my placement was confirmed in good speed. January 2016

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Llewelyn M, Barcelona

I have definitely improved my English teaching skills. I had a great time. The online course was very extensive. I would definitely recommend it! January 2017

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Laurynas S., Valencia

It is one of few programmes that give you direct experience teaching before your qualification is even complete, allowing you to learn theory and apply it whilst on the job. December 2016

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Wilhelmina A, Madrid