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Online, Blended, & Classroom-Based TEFL

TEFL Accreditation from £59 or free with an Erasmus+ internship.

At TEFL Trainer, we will prepare you to teach English as a foreign language.

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Accredited TEFL COURSES for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course are designed to help develop an individual’s teaching skills through a combination of theory and practical work.


Attain our TEFL CERTIFICATION and prepare to work. Even with a TEFL certificate, schools are loathed to give work to someone without work experience as they are usually reliant on paying customers and cannot take the risk.


These are the questions most asked. In return for your hours of teaching you will receive free accommodation,  bi-weekly Spanish classes, and be awarded with your Spanish certificate and TEFL certification, as well as your recommendation letter.


You can guarantee yourself TEFL Jobs with our certification. We actually have schools in Spain trying to poach our candidates before they qualify. Such is our reputation! However it is better to finish the course to become qualified.


Studying TEFL Abroad  is an advantage because you will pick up another language. If you are going to teach English you will not only be more credible if you can speak another language but you will also be able relate to your students.

  • Advanced and Accredited TEFL Courses

    Most highly accredited tefl courses with TEFL theory & practice.

  • Endorsed by Language schools & Universities worldwide

    A quality course which creates opportunities in TEFL

  • Quality for thousands of great Jobs worldwide

    Become fully employable by experiencing teaching


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